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As a reckoned name in the automotive industry, Mahindra Stiller Auto Trucks Limited is working with great diligence in providing a high performing range of medium to heavy duty industrial equipment. Our range of products like Material Handling Stackers, Industrial Golf Carts, Drum Lifters, Pallet Truck and Industrial Trolleys is a perfect illustration of technological advancement of our manufacturing unit. We operate our business from Faridabad, Haryana, India and manufacture each equipment after detailed research. We always implement innovative technology to international standards of quality. Our infrastructure is equipped with highly advanced manufacturing set-up that is handled under the stern guidance of experienced designers and engineers who use best of their skills to introduce innovative concepts of engineering throughout the process.  

Key Facts OF Mahindra Stiller Auto Trucks Limited :

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees


Working As An Original Equipment Manufacturer




Annual Turnover

Rs 6 Crore

Income Tax Registration No


What We Offer?

Having years of excellence in the automotive industry, we work passionately with an aim to deliver a high performing and excellent range of material handling equipment for medium to heavy duty industries. Our complete product range includes:

  • Material Handling Trucks
    • Pallet Trucks
    • Fork Lift Trucks
    • Diesel Tow Trucks
    • Diesel Platform Trucks
    • Battery Tow Trucks
    • Battery Platform Trucks
    • Hydraulic Elevating Tables
  • Material Lifting Equipments
    • Drum Lifters
    • Industrial Lifts
    • Floor Cranes
    • Step Ladder
    • Emergency Light With Genset
  • Material Handling Stackers
    • Industrial Stackers
  • Industrial Golf Carts
    • Golf Carts
  • Drum Lifters
    • Battery Operated Drum Lifter
    • Drum Lifter And Shifter
  • Pallet Truck
    • Battery Operated Pallet Truck
    • Mechanical Pallet Truck
    • Diesel Operated Pallet Truck
  • Diesel Operated Platform Trucks
    • Diesel Operated Platform Truck With Crane
    • Battery Operated Platform Truck
    • Battery Operated Platform Truck With Crane
    • Battery Operated Golf Carts
    • Electric Vehicle
    • Battery Operated Vehicles
    • Golf Buggies
    • Electric Carts
    • Catering VAN Battery Operated
    • Battery Operated Luggage Carrier Vehicles
    • Battery Operated Rail Truck
    • Battery Operated Platform Truck
    • Electric Platform Truck
    • Battery Walkei Truck
    • Jumbo Truck
    • BOPT
    • Battery Operated TOW Truck
    • Diesel Operated Platform Truck
    • Diesel Operated TOW TRUCK
    • Battery Operated platform truck with crane system
    • Battery operated Pallet Truck
    • Four Wheels Battery Operated Truck
    • Four Wheels Diesel Operated Truck
    • Battery Operated Stacker
    • Semi Electric Stacker
    • Motorized Stacker
    • Manual Stacker
    • Hydraulic Stacker
    • Pallet Stacker
    • Straddle stacker
    • Counter Weight stacker
    • Telescopic Stacker
    • Spool Handling Stacker
    • Reel Handling Stacker
    • Stacker Lift
    • Industrial Lift
    • Mast Type Lift
    • Cage Type Lift

  • Diesel Operated Tow Trucks
    • Diesel Operated Tow Truck With Trailer
    • Diesel Operated Rail Tow Truck
  • Battery Operated Tow Truck
  • Elevating Table
    • High Rise Working Platform
    • Die Loader With Tilting Platform
    • Battery Operated Elevating Table
    • Hydraulic Elevating Platform
    • Hydraulic Elevating Table
    • Elevating Platform Table
    • Elevating Platform
  • Material Handling Stacker
    • Telescopic Type Stacker
    • Hydraulic Stacker
    • Hydraulic Stacker
    • Reel Handling Stacker
    • Spool Handling Stacker
    • Stacker
    • Stacker Die Loader
  • Floor Cranes
    • Heavy Duty Floor Crane
  • Industrial Lift
    • Cage Type Industrial Lift
    • Hydraulic Elevating Lift
  • Industrial Trolleys
    • Platform Trolley
    • Reel Handling Trolley
    • Cage Type Platform Trolley
    • Die Loader
    • Pusher & Puller
    • Battery Operated Scissor Table
    • Electric Scissor Table
    • Manual Scissor Table
    • Hydraulic Table
    • Elevating Table
    • Low bed table
    • Die Loader with tilting platform
    • High rise working platform
    • Emergency Light
    • Pallet Truck
    • Hand Pallet Truck
    • Pallet Trolley
    • High Lift Pallet Truck
    • Pallet Truck with extended Forks
    • Trolley
    • Cage Trolley
    • Platform Trolley
    • Drum Stacker
    • Drum Clamper
    • Drum Trolley
    • Parrot Beak Type Drum Stacker
    • Hydraulic Floor Crane
    • JIB Crane
    • Battery Operated Floor Crane
    • Manual Crane
    • Industrial Crane
    • Counter Weight Crane
  • MISC
    • Material Handling Equipment
    • Material Handling Stacker
    • Material Handling Table
    • Material Handling Trolley

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